What usually happens once they've signed your albums? ;w; Like yall just go back to your seats and wait for everyones to be signed? ;; (I'VE BEEN IN HELL EVER SINCE FALLING FOR BAP and when TD and BTS came in....... goodbye life) I get so mad bc I like TD 2 months late -- they came to where I am in Jan ;___; Biggest regret tbh

You just go back to your seat and sit down and wait and cry over perfection klajgklasjgkasjg  my life is gone

Oh wait xD I just speak the Brazilian version of Portuguese, I can't speak Portugal's version... Sorry if I confused you xD and btw, if you need help with anything else, I can try to help :)

Okay I have you down for Brazilian then!!

heyyy i read about the event you are planing on sooo i know that there are many many fans in germany so if you need help for some german translations i'm willing to help ^^

THANK YOU! I’ll have you down for German then! I’ll message you once the event is all done!

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hey! so what's this thing about an event for toppdogg and toppklass? i can help you translating to spanish but i'm from Peru and i don't know how many other spanish speaking countries would be participating...

I’m right now planning an event which is still under works but I wanted the event to be translated into different languages so everyone can participate! 

Hey! I can translate for Filipino and French if you need it

Hi anon! Those two languages would definitely be appreciated!!!! But is it possible for you to come off anon?

Thats very true ;~~; But Im glad to get to know more about how the boys are like! So thank you bless you. How do you even remember the conversations though. Omg. I would have died and cried and everything and forgot everything D; (Also we have about the same biases? ;_; Its hard to survive with these boys isnt it. Cry)

;___; you’re welcome kajslkasjglkjasg I honestly sit down right after I’m done going up and record what I remember on my phone so I can type it up later. aksgjlkasjg (welcome to hell then) CRYING


HEY THERE FELLOW TOPP KLASS!! Tinybabylion here!

I’m in the midst of planning an event that all topp klass can take part in and best of all is, it’ll be free! I’ll pay for the processing or appearance etc etc etc etc because I really want all of this fandom to be able to share/give something to Topp Dogg to show them that they have fans!

I don’t have the super fine fine details planned out or how I’ll be presenting it besides handing it off to the boys when I get to Korea this summer but I’m working on it!

But since I want all fans all over the world (that are willing to participate) to be able to do this…. I’ll need translators that can translate English into the languages for their country’s fans! 

If you’re willing to translate the event once it’s out…..Feel free to contact me at the following with the language you can translate for!



Languages I have right now confirmed (all the more help is welcomed):





IT ISNT POOP THOUGH I mean I'm a rather quiet Topp Klass and I barely see any fanaccounts of them so I get so happy and was reading them before sleeping last night ;___; OTL. He always seemed like the really quiet one and all, and after reading, I dont know, Hojoon and Taeyang's ruining my life. Help OTL

;_; I just wish I could upload more fan accounts but even with translating Korean ones, they’re very terse and to the point, you can never really get a good grip of the boys in any group because usually they’re just pictures of post its or signatures 8| 


Unnie, tell me your secrets too being more social >·< you said you had a lot of friends in high school right? I've always been a pretty shy person, and I just moved to a new school, How do i be more confident/Social?

I kind of forced myself to be more social OTL when I was younger, maybe up until 9-10th grade, I was honestly bullied a lot and I had enough. I decided to make all the people who bullied me to eat shit 8)))))))) so what I honestly did was see how I could be better than them.

Instead of joining them, I decided to be nice to those who were around me, and sooner or later people are more attracted to kind souls rather then wretched ones 8)

To be more confident and social, I suggest seeing and realizing the parts of you that you have that no one else has. Try to go to more events like parties or sport games and start up conversations with those around you!

Having faith and confidence with yourself first is always the better part to start. You’re you and no one else can be who you are. 

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I had tons of fun reading your fan accounts, God bless you T.T (Hojoon and Jenissi are so cute in there. I cry.)

;__; thank you for reading such long pieces of poop cries akjfksaljflkj Hojoon is a lot more 4D than what he lets off

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