[Fancam] 140810 BTS' Performance @ KCON 2014
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[Fancam] 140810 BTS - 좋아요 (I Like It) @ KCON 2014
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I love your blog's music XD what's the name of the song?

Thank you ;A; It’s Cheap Sunglasses by RAC

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Is that why a lot if the fansites are closing??? I'm a recent fan and have been following a few acct on twitter and next thing I know. It's closing down.

The other ones haven’t really given as specific of a closing statement as TaehyungA did so no one can really be sure. Sometimes a lot of them close because they need to move on with their lives. 

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but how about your level in fancafe?

If you’ve leveled up, you’ll remain lvl 2 but your box won’t be filled in until you renew your membership again! They have two types of lvl2. Official ARMYs and leveled up non official ARMYs

i'm curious 'bout something .. membership card is only valid until?? i mean is it only for a year .. like if ever there will be 2기 do you need to buy again?

Yes they usually only last a year! Once it expires, they’ll hold a 2기 application period and you’ll need to repeat the process as well as the payment!


A girl on the BTS fancafe ordered one of the monster dolls and wow the way the box arrived…Mind you she’s not even overseas so shipping within Korea usually is really fast and quick….I’ve never gotten a package there with this much abuse.